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This site is provided courtesy of Jeff McCormack, founder and previous owner of Southern Exposure Seed Exchange and Garden Medicinals and Culinaries, co-founder of Virginia Plant Savers. founder and owner of McCormack's Botanicals, and JHM Designs.

Jeff is a sustainable agriculture biologist, plant breeder, ethnobotanist, and author. He is the lead author of Bush Medicine of the Bahamas which is an ethnobotanical study of the native uses of medicinal plants on San Salvador Island, and parallel uses of those plants elsewhere in the Bahamas. Currently he is investigating biological control measues and integrated pest management techniques for control of the invasive brown marmorated stink bug (Halyomorpha halys).

Saving Our Seeds is another venue for raising awareness of our threatened genetic resources, and an additional resource for providing information and knowledge tools for seed saving and seed conservation.

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