Old Seed Catalogs

Old Seed Catalogs Wanted

Old seed catalogs are useful for researching the origins, cultural methods, and uses for heirloom varieties. We are looking especially for seed catalogs dated prior to 1940, primarily those with detailed variety descriptions (and drawings or photographs). We have a number of varieties in our seed bank that have no name associated with the seed. We also have varieties with a name, but no description (other than that provided by our seed own growouts). Old seed catalogs are very useful for providing documentation that might otherwise be lost. Historians, botanists, and seed preservation projects have a need for old catalogs and we would like to make these available for their work. These catalogs will be eventually listed with, or donated to, the National Agricultural Library and Council on Botanical and Horticultural Libraries.

If you have any pre-1940 seed catalogs that you would like to sell, barter, loan, or donate please contact Jeff.McCormack@gmail.com.