Genetic Preservation and Sustainable Agriculture

Seed Savers Exchange
A non-profit, member supported organization dedicated to saving and sharing heirloom seeds.

The People's Seed
A non-profit, dedicated to the redesign of funding and decision making systems for the protection of seed and plant development. Its focus is on education about the seed industry, enhancing farmer success, food security, nutrition, and protecting the environment. The People's Seed is dedicated to providing an open-source exchange system for plant varieties and populations that keeps agricultural seed in the hands of many rather than in the control of just a few.

The Heritage Breeds - Heirloom Seeds Network
A group of allied producers dedicated to stewarding heritage breeds and heirloom seeds in the Central Appalachian region.

Virginia Plant Savers
The mission of the Virginia Plant Savers to protect native medicinal plants of Virginia and their native habitat while ensuring and promoting the renewable supply of medicinal plants through education, research, and the promotion and construction of medicinal plant sanctuaries.

Regional Seed Companies Specializing in Genetic Preservation

Garden Medicinals and Culinaries
Garden Medicinals specializes in seeds and plants of medicinal and culinary herbs, trees, and shrubs. Additional offerings include heirloom vegetables, and ethnic and heirloom flower seed. All seeds are open-pollinated, non-gmo varieties, many grown organically. Offers a line of seed-saving supplies.

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange
Specializes in open-pollinated, non-gmo, heirloom and traditional varieties, especially those adapted to the Mid-Atlantic and South. Offers many organically certified varieties. Offers some varieties in bulk quantities.

Place-based Food, Sustainable Agriculture and Education

Virginia Food Heritage Project
The Virginia Food Heritage Project is a collaborative, community-based project that envisions a greater understanding and documentation of the food heritage of central Virginia, to enhance regional sustainability and resilience. The core activity of the project is to gather, document and publish information on four aspects of the food heritage of central Virginia.

Sources of Organic Products in Virginia

New Country Organics
Located in Waynesboro, VA, New Country Organics offers a large selection of organic products which can be ordered from their online store. They also deliver small product orders within a 135 mile radius of Waynesboro.

Educational Resources

Cornell Department of Plant Pathology Vegetable MD Online
This site is an excellent resource for extensive descriptions and excellent photos of plant diseases. Though not oriented for organic growers, there are many other valuable information resources here that are not to be missed.

Beneficial Insects

Green Methods - Biological Control and IPM
Supplies beneficial insects such as green lacewing larvae, fly parasites, ladybugs, beneficial nematodes, praying mantids, whitefly predators and parasites, beneficial nematodes, yellow sticky traps, and milky spore.

Symbiont Biological Pest Management Company
Symbiont Biological Pest Management Company specializes in utilizing naturally occurring, beneficial insects to control pest insects and weeds in a variety of situations.

Seed Processing Equipment

Pleasant Hill Grain sells a fruit and apple cider grinder/press that can be used for grinding tomatoes, peppers and eggplant into pulp which is then processed to extract the seed. Can also be used for other wet-processed seed crops that have a small seed size (less than one-eighth inch in diameter). Only the grinder portion is needed to macerate the fruit for processing.

Updated Hardiness Zone Map and Global Warming

2006 Hardiness Zone Map
This animation illustrates the general warming that has occurred from 1990 to 2006. After the page loads, click the play button to see how the hardiness zones have changed.